1. Ik dacht dat de msm al totaal down was? Of is dat ineens niet meer zo?

    Wanneer trekt u nou eens een lijn in waar u mee bezig bent?

  2. “In this edition of the ‘Jewish War on Free Speech’; we begin with the news that the Israeli government is launching an effort – in collaboration with the United States no less – to combat the vaguely described and apparent curse of ‘cyber-terror’, (1) but which in reality is a thinly-disguised effort to play politics and rein in the freewheeling and combative exchange of news and views that the internet facilitates and which governments have long been seeking to control.” LEES VERDER

    1. “During prehistoric times, nobody had to understand anything about crime networks, propaganda, or manipulation techniques, but today everybody should have an understanding of these issues. People in influential positions today, including voters, need a better-than-average understanding of how people can be manipulated and deceived. A voter who does not or cannot understand how candidates and journalists can manipulate our opinions is essentially a helpless child. For example, Craig Silverman wrote this article to explain how the pizzagate conspiracy got started and spread throughout the world. People who want to vote or be a leader could be asked to write a brief analysis of articles such as that, and explain if the article is informative or deceptive. There is no right or wrong analysis of an article, but the people who cannot show that Silverman’s article is trying to manipulate us should be regarded as too helpless to influence the world. His attempt to manipulate us is so blatant it is almost amusing. For example, here are some of his remarks to convince us that the pizzagate issue is nonsense:

      ● The unhinged conspiracy theory now known as “Pizzagate”
      ● This strange and convoluted conspiracy theory
      ● has its origins in false accusations
      ● This one example shows how Trump supporters, members of 4chan and Reddit, and right-wing blogs in the US and in other countries combined to create and spread viral misinformation during the election season.
      ● no law enforcement agency has said anything about these crazy claims.
      ● The claims have been concocted and are being spread to misinform people.

      Many conservatives have been complaining for years that the media is “liberal”, and some of the liberals complain that the media is controlled by the corporations, the military-industrial establishment, or the CIA. In reality, the media is under the control of Jewish criminals, and I would say that their fear of an investigation into the pizzagate issue is evidence that many of them are also involved with pedophilia. I would say that as of 2017, the people who cannot see that Jews are the primary group dominating the media are either intellectually inferior to those of us who can see the Jewish dominance, or they are refusing to see the Jewish dominance because they don’t want to see it. In either case, they should be described as inappropriate as voters and leaders. Likewise, we should consider people to be inferior to us if they cannot see, or if they refuse to see, the Jewish influence in the 9/11 attack, or that Jews are lying about the Holocaust, Anne Frank’s diary, and dozens of other issues. Those people are dangerous as leaders and as voters because they are easily manipulated by criminals.” Schools should teach about deception.

  3. Slome duikelaar Hop haalt, niet gehinderd door enige kennis van zaken, weer het nodige door elkaar: de Turkse kwestie en een publicatie in het AD, wat helaas voor Hop ook al weer geen bewijs is. Een crimineel zegt dat…meer is het niet. Daaruit volgt geen bewijs voor wat betreft Turkije. Of omgekeerd.

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