1. “What we must keep at the forefront of our minds is whom the CIA works for. Plus MI6., & Mossad for that matter. I’ll give you a clue … it is NOT, I repeat, NOT for their respective governments. All intelligence agencies in this world work for the Rotshite private central banksterin’ cabal and have since the dawn of time. The Euro banks CREATED secret intelligence back in the day because they were routinely financing both sides of any given conflict. This is origin of the ‘Hegelian dialectic’. Thesis + Antithesis > Synthesis. It’s simple when you make the money. People are such idiots, such tools, such dupes, such nutcases, when it comes to money. Because so many of us covert an unquenchable dream of the ‘good life’.” SUCH IS THE POWER OF USURY!

  2. Tja, Micha is (minimaal) manisch-depressief – daarom drinkt hij ook zo veel om die depressie te voorkomen – dus dat op en neer gewiebel van zijn gemoedstoestand is begrijpelijk.

    Maar in wat voor een psychiatrisch cluster je hem ook kan plaatsen, duidelijk is wel dat hij niet (meer) in staat is om zijn eigen leven op het spoor te houden. Dat hele wegvluchten en verstoppen in Ierland is natuurlijk een drama. Niemand wordt gelukkig van wonen in hostels en bedelen om geld voor een lunch of een biertje. Tegelijkertijd is de stap naar de vliegtuigtrap richting Schiphol natuurlijk ook geen prettig vooruitzicht voor hem.

    In Nederland wordt zijn situatie niet beter. Ook in NL is hij dakloos en werkeloos zonder vooruitzichten. Daarbij komt nog dat er naast meerdere justitiele problemen er ongetwijfeld ook nog een heel leger aan deurwaarders op hem wacht. Dus, tja, naar Nederland terugkeren en daar aan een oplossing werken is niet zo aantrekkelijk voor hem.

    Zich in Ierland vestigen en een uitkering aanvragen kan ook niet, want hij heeft nog een ‘contempt of court’ dingetje lopen bij de high court waar hij ondanks meerdere oproepen nooit is verschenen.

    Micha ligt in de goot. Hij spartelt nog wel wat dapper. Maar het is gewoon de goot.

  3. THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 2015

    Billionaire Degenerate Jeffrey Epstein’s Underage Sex Slave Scandal Taints Hillary and Jeb – Clinton–Bush Pedophilia Coverup – Mossad Blackmail Influence Over Leading Politicians – Robert & Ghislaine Maxwell – Jane Doe 102 – Epstein’s Sweetheart Deal: Celebrity Lawyers Alan Dershowitz, Kenneth Starr, Roy Black – “Little St. James”: The Name of Jeffrey Epstein’s “Egg-Shaped Penis”?
    Epstein underage sex slave scandal threatens to bring down Hillary and Jeb

    Source: Wayne Madsen Report
    SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MEDIA – WayneMadsenReport.com

    January 6-7, 2015

    Former President Bill Clinton’s inane accusation that Russian intelligence is behind news reports concerning the involvement of Duke of York, Prince Andrew, in an underage sex slave ring run by convicted pederast and Florida billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, is a last-ditch attempt by the former president to salvage the flagging 2016 presidential prospects of his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    A lawsuit filed in Florida by lawyers for Virginia Roberts, also known as “Jane Doe 3,” and an as yet unnamed woman known only as “Jane Doe 4,” alleges that they were trafficked internationally and domestically as underage sex slaves, for the purpose of having trysts with the world’s most influential people. Roberts claims she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew when she was a minor.

    The suit claims that Epstein received a preferential term after his conviction on prostitution charges brought by the state of Florida. Although the plea deal with Florida prosecutors was arrived at in 2007, the negotiations leading up to the deal were conducted during the gubernatorial term of Jeb Bush, also a presumptive 2016 presidential candidate. Epstein served a mere 13 months in prison on prostitution charges, not the longer term he would have seen had he been convicted on pedophilia counts. The deal worked out between Epstein’s attorneys and Florida prosecutors also involved the Florida Attorney General at the time, then-Republican and close Bush friend Charlie Crist. Republican Attorney General Bill McCollum actually signed a sweetheart plea deal with Epstein’s attorneys in 2007. Crist, of course, is no stranger to sex scandals involving underage individuals, but in Crist’s case, they were individuals of the same sex.

    The first criminal charges against Epstein were filed in 2005 when a Palm Beach mother claimed that Epstein paid $300 to her 14-year-old daughter for sex. Although Epstein remains a registered sex offender, Florida and the Jeb Bush administration could have ensured that the billionaire was charged with child sex crimes, which would have earned Epstein a longer prison sentence. Bill Clinton’s tacit defense of Epstein, and Jeb Bush’s silence on a matter that he had the power to influence in favor of the underage victims, speaks volumes on the blackmail influence that certain parties maintain over the two leading candidates for president in 2016.

    The lawsuit filed in federal court in West Palm Beach claims that Clinton, Andrew, and top Harvard lawyer Alan Dershowitz all participated in underage sex orgies arranged by Epstein. The lawsuit also names Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of the late media tycoon and known Mossad agent-of-influence Robert Maxwell, as a “madame” for Epstein who arranged orgies involving underage girls. Maxwell’s body was found floating in the Atlantic next to his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, in November 1991.

    Although Spanish investigators ruled Maxwell’s death as being from natural causes, others pointed out that Maxwell possessed secrets on the lives of politicians ranging from British Prime Minister John Major to British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock, the father-in-law of the present Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Thorning-Schmidt’s government recently reneged on promises to extend diplomatic recognition to Palestine, a cursory indication of the type of blackmail information that Mossad possesses thanks to Epstein’s pedophile operation. Maxwell was afforded the kind of funeral at Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives cemetery usually reserved for Israeli heads of state.

    Just as with the large number of women who came forward with lurid tales concerning Bill Cosby and his sexual advances, a number of victims of Epstein are now prepared to name names of the world’s most wealthy and politically powerful who engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with underage girls provided by Epstein. How many girls were trafficked to the world’s elite by Epstein? Consider the fact that one woman in the lawsuit is referred to as “Jane Doe 102.”

    Underage sex slave scandal taints the two presidential frontrunners for 2016

    Airplane flight logs indicate that Bill Clinton made several trips to Little St. James island, Epstein’s private reserve in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where victims claim a number of underage sex orgies took place. The private island features a Japanese bathhouse and a large movable statue of a cow. Dershowitz only admits one trip to Little St. James but claims he was there “with his family.”

    Ms. Roberts also claims that she was flown as an underage sex slave to New Mexico, New York, Paris, Spain, Tangier, and to London, where Andrew, according to Roberts’s father, introduced her to Queen Elizabeth. Epstein also reportedly sent Roberts to Thailand to attend “massage school.”

    Justice for the teens abused by Epstein, and allegedly by his friends Andrew and others, may be elusive. Florida prosecutors who worked for both Jeb Bush and, later, GOP Governor Charlie Crist, arranged for a “non-prosecution agreement” (NPA) that shielded Epstein and any “potential co-conspirators” from federal prosecutions after Epstein agreed to the plea deal that saw him plead guilty to a single state charge of soliciting prostitution, without any mention of the age of the so-called “prostitutes.” The no-further-prosecution deal was worked out between Epstein’s lawyers and Florida and the federal government. Epstein’s lawyers happened to be Alan Dershowitz; Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel of “Monicagate” fame; and Miami celebrity trial lawyer Roy Black. The terms of the NPA were called into question in a letter written in 2011 by former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, R. Alexander Acosta, and the dubious deal-making with Epstein’s lawyers during Bush’s and Crist’s tenure is clearly apparent:

    Behind Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Sweetheart Deal

    Jeffrey Epstein attorney Roy Black denies allegations in letter by ex-U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta

    Epstein’s computerized Rolodex reportedly contained 21 phone numbers for Bill Clinton, as well as several e-mail addresses. Epstein’s houseman Alfredo Rodriguez was sentenced to an 18-month federal prison sentence for first hiding and then trying to sell an Epstein “black book,” called the “Holy Grail” and “Golden Nugget,” containing the names and phone numbers of not only Clinton but also Henry Kissinger, Donald Trump, Mick Jagger, and the late Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer. Rodriguez was found guilty of withholding evidence in the federal investigation of Epstein, an investigation that ultimately resulted in no federal charges. However, Epstein was merely charged with soliciting prostitution under a Florida statute, and he only served 13 months of an 18-month sentence in the Palm Beach County Stockade in the VIP section, where he could leave the prison in the morning and return at night.

  4. Kom je er nog uit zonder psychopatentest?

    Iemand liegt hier, want ze kunnen niet allebei gelijk hebben.

    Dat Epstein zegt dat het verhaal van “Jane Doe” niet klopt is voor mij niet meteen een positief teken.

    Het kan hoogst eigenaardig/verdacht lijken dat “Jane Doe” met haar verklaring komt op een cruciaal moment in de verkiezingsstrijd en pas na vele jaren, maar daar kan ook een valide psychologische verklaring voor zijn.

    Aan de andere kant: Psychopaten weten typisch anderen zo gek te manipuleren dat ze valse verklaringen afleggen en daarbij het doelwit kenmerkend ‘pure evil’ beschuldigen van waar de psychopaat middenin zit, ‘flabbergasting turning tables around, making YOU the culprit’.

    Ga er maar aanstaan…..


  5. Je kan het beleid voor een zich weldegelijk ontwikkelende wereldhegemonie echt niet alleen maar via een stelletje bij de pedofiele ballen gecompromitteerde gojim hoerlitici onder eigen beheer houden! Op een gegeven moment ontstaat er binnen je insiders clubje teveel oprechte verongelijktheid waardoor er vroeg of laat uiteindelijk ter obstructie wel gezongen MOET worden..;

    “We can bet it was not just Berlin, it was not just in the 70s and we can all rest assured that it is still happening now and not just in Germany but all throughout the ‘Christian’ West. How can children disappear without a trace?”

  6. Trump zelf was een vriendje van Epstein en heeft mogelijk een incestueuze relarie gehad met zijn dochter.

    Verder hier weer de denkfout (onverbeterlijk?) dat miljardairs, meestal psychopaten, al genoeg geld zouden hebben en het dus niet meer nodig zouden hebben om te plunderen,

    Dit terwijl een psychopathische miljardair uiteraard (bij voorkeur) “ijsjes van arme kleuters” steelt in een ongezien moment.

    En ja dat de MSM een propaganda- en manipulatie-machine van de psychopathocratie is (die evt. alles 180 graden omdraait en JOU de schurk maakt) overal, hoeft ons ook niet meer van verbIJSTERING van de stoel te doen vallen.

  7. Kat maakt er weer een potje van, niets klopt ook maar een beetje: de Clintons waren helemaal niet voor dat etentje uitgenodigd, wel de campagneleider Podesda door zijn broer. Die niet is gegaan. Verder was het een normaal diner. Abramović: ‘Just a normal menu, which I call spirit cooking. There was no blood, no anything else. We just call things funny names, that’s all.’


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