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Geachte heer Vandermeersch,

Klopt het dat de hoogste man van het OM, Herman Bolhaar, is getrouwd met Nicole Haenen, de zus van Marcel Haenen? Klopt het dat Marcel Haenen zijn publikaties over cruciale strafzaken zoals Demmink, Westenberg, killer cops en anderen nauwgezet afstemt met zijn zwager? Is het juist dat Marcel Haenen bij zijn zwager Herman aangifte tegen mij heeft gedaan samen met Marcel Gelauff, de hoofdredacteur van de NOS?

Eerdere pogingen wederhoor toe te passen bij Marcel Haenen en bij u mislukten daar u weigerde mij te woord te staan. Haenen heeft zelfs zijn 06 nummer geblokkeerd.

In bcc mijn advocaat mr. Stapel alsmede (in cc) een serie andere journalisten die mogelijk geinteresseerd zouden kunnen zijn in deze kwestie.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Micha Kat


  1. Churchill was op een torpedoboot die de kust beschoot, die man schijnt zoals vele mannen geen angst te kennen; benijdenswaardig.
    Aldus Anne Frank in haar dagboek 13 juni 1944 aangaande D-Day.

    Psychopaten (kenmerkend o.a. vreesloos en extreem energiek tot op hoge leeftijd!) lijken inderdaad een streepje voor te hebben. Churchill is ook de grote instigator en aanjager van het Manhattan Project. Ook van de VOLKOMEN ONVERANTWOORDELIJKE latere inzet van het eindresultaat op steden.

    Uiteraard zit deze ware uiterst manipulatieve ‘pure evil’ krankzinnige als instigator en aanjager ook achter de MILITAIR ONDENKBARE/WALGELIJKE bombardementen op Duitse en Japanse steden.

    Gelijkgestemden en meelopers worden “magnetisch” aangetrokken.

  2. De USA/GB (gruwelmoordenaars van Dresden) propagandadienst praat alleen met echte PB BV erkende journalisten.

    Een vriendelijke groet richting dat soort canaille verdwijnt in het zwarte gat, dunkt me.

    1. Communist Jews Torture and Massacre Priests, Nuns, and Choir Boys in Marxist Upheavals in Spain http: //whiteresister.com/index.php/archive/1896-jews-torture-and-massacre-priests-nuns-and-choir-boys-in-marxist-upheavals-in-spain
      Arthur Bryant, in his well-documented “Communist Atrocities in Spain”, tells of one murder squad which went to the Dominican Convent in Barcelona and informed the Mother Superior that “because of possible mob violence” the nuns should accompany the squad to a place of safety. They were then taken to the suburbs and murdered.

      Their Jewish leader commented, “We needed the building. We didn’t want to muss it up before we occupied it.”

      E.M. Godden, in “Conflict in Spain,” says on p. 72, “During the last week of July, 1936, the bodies of nuns were exhumed from their graves and propped up outside the walls of their convents. Obscene and offensive placards were attached to their bodies.”

      In Madrid, it was estimated that one tenth of the population of Spain was murdered by the Communist Jews by 1939. De Fonteriz in “Red Terror in Madrid” tells how Cheka crews organized by Dimitrov and Rosenberg carried out a program of torture and murder so obscene that it cannot be repeated or described.

      To further their World Murder Plan, the Jews have occasionally allowed a few of their numbers to be sacrificed. This was brought out at the meeting in Rothschild’s home in 1773, when it was stated, “But it has paid us even though we have sacrificed many of our own people. Each victim on our side is worth a thousand Goyim.”

      What the speaker meant was that if one Jew happens to be killed, he will be avenged by the death of one thousand Christians, or “cattle” as the Christians are derisively referred to by the Jewish cult.

      The speaker went on to point out to his rapt listeners that “We are interested in just the opposite … in the diminution, the killing out of the Goyim.” The record of this meeting in Rothschild’s house survived how?

      Toll on the clergy

      In the course of the Jews’ commie Red Terror, 6,832 members of the Catholic clergy, 20% percent of the nation’s clergy, were killed. The figures break down the as follows: Some 283 women religious were killed. Some of them were badly tortured. 13 bishops were killed from the dioceses of Siguenza Lleida, Cuenca, Barbastro, Segorbe, Jaén, Ciudad Real, Almeria, Guadix, Barcelona, Teruel and the auxiliary of Tarragona. Aware of the dangers, they all decided to remain in their cities. I cannot go, only here is my responsibility, whatever may happen, so said the Bishop of Cuenca.

      In addition 4,172 diocesan priests, 2,364 monks and friars, among them 259 Claretians, 226 Franciscans, 204 Piarists, 176 Brothers of Mary, 165 Christian Brothers (also called the De La Salle Brothers), 155 Augustinians, 132 Dominicans, and 114 Jesuits were killed. In some dioceses, the number of secular priests killed are overwhelming:

      In Barbastro 123 of 140 priests were killed, about 88 percent of the secular clergy were murdered, 66 percent In Lleida, 270 of 410 priests were killed. about 62 percent In Tortosa, 44 percent of the secular priests were killed.

      In Toledo 286 of 600 priests were killed. In the dioceses of Málaga, Minorca and Segorbe, about half of the priests were killed”
      In 2001 the Catholic Church beatified hundreds of Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War and beatified 498 more on October 28, 2007.
      In October 2008, the Spanish newspaper La Razon published an article on the number of people murdered for practicing Catholicism.”

      May 1931: 100 church buildings are burned while firefighters refuse to extinguish the flames.

      1932: 3000 Jesuits expelled. Church buildings burned with impunity in 7 cities.

      1934: 33 priests murdered in the Asturias Revolution.

      1936: just a day before July 18, the day the war started, there already have been 17 clergymen murdered.

      From July 18 to August 1: 861 clergymen murdered in 2 weeks.

      August 1936: 2077 clergymen murdered, more than 70 a day. 10 of them bishops.

      September 14: 3400 clergymen murdered during the first stages of the war.

      1939: end of the war; a total of 7000 clergymen and 3000 religious people murdered for practicing Catholicism.

      (First Light Forum)

    2. .Maatjes van pb van de werkvloer:

      To date, they have extorted more than thirty-five billion dollars from German workers, money which has been collected at the points of bayonets, not Jewish bayonets, but the bayonets of the American Army, which has been maintained as an occupying force in West Germany for nearly four decades, solely to provide military power behind the puppet German Government, which has as its primary function the furnishing of money for the parasitic State of Israel.

      Some twenty years after World War II, the Jews began to fear that scholars might focus on the terrible massacres of women and children during that war by armies directed by the Jews. The incineration of thousands of families by mass fire-bombings of the cities of Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden and other European cultural centers; the firestorms which killed many thousands of families in Tokyo; as well as the nuclear holocausts unleashed on civilian populations at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the last days of the Japanese War, when the Imperial Staff was already suing for peace (the Jews did not want to lose this opportunity to test their new Jewish Hell-Bomb on human targets); these and their numerous other war crimes, began to concern the Jews.

      Their guilt was inescapable; it seemed a mere matter of time until their crimes would call down retribution on their heads. To forestall this possibility, the Jews began a furious campaign of their own; a highly synchronized and coordinated worldwide campaign publicizing their new myth, the “Holocaust”, in which six million Jews were said to have been burned.
      Six million Jews were also said to have been gassed. Whether this meant there were actually twelve million Jews “killed” no one seems to know. That holocausts, or mass murders by fire, occurred during World War II was a matter of historical record.
      There existed photographs of stacks of burned corpses, which had been made in Cologne, Hamburg, and Dresden after the mass fire-bombing of those cities by Allied aircraft. The problem the Jews faced was that there had been no holocausts of Jewish victims during World War II, nor were there any photographs of burned Jewish bodies.
      Not to worry ~ the Jews simply appropriated the photographs of the bodies of their German victims, which are exhibited today in gruesome “museums” in Germany as exhibits of dead Jews. It was a matter of record that the Jews had actually done quite well during World War II.

    3. “Godden, Conflict in Spain 1920-1937”

      En zo werden de Slachtoffers van de Wereldwijde communistische massacers begraven onder leugens als de spaanse griep + 80 miljoen doden zelfs overzee wat met de incubatietijd wat raar is.

      Dus niet enkel de hen eigen frauduleuze holocaustclaims zijn de echte Holocaust ontkenningen maar ook de vaccinatiecampagnes moeten de Holocausten verbergen en van alibi voorzien.

      1. LS…

        Lees de updates van Benjamin Fulford en je weet alles. Alle plannen van de Cabal liggen op hun gat. Een groot Israël gaat er nooit komen. Het Ottomaanse rijk evenmin. Saoedi Arabië gaat verder zonder het Sadistisch Saoedisch Koningshuis. De Golanhoogte gaat terug naar Syrië. De Koerden krijgen hun land terug zo ook de Armeniërs. De Erdogan mafia Familie is on the run. Ook Netanjahu zit al dagen op de pot en schijt zeven kleuren. Europa komt pas echt in actie als de vijand door het Rusland van Putin is verslagen. Een Pedo & Homo Jezuïeten reflex a la Rutte die zich niet meer kan verbergen in de hol van Huffnagel… Etc. Etc. Lees het niet in Zionisten Pleepapier Elsevier.

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