1. Met name je handel & wandel via DIT soort VAN establishment insiders doet mij inderdaad steeds meer overgaan tot de stelling van afleidingstechnieken ten bate van een onder de tafel overeengekomen schadebeperking!;

    “Have you seen the interview in which the actor, Corey Feldman, says that pedophilia is “rampant” in Hollywood, and that he was surrounded by pedophiles who were “like vultures”? He got involved in the entertainment business when he was only three years old, and this brings up an issue that I’ve complained about before. Corey Feldman refuses to mention the names of the Hollywood pedophiles. Is he afraid of retaliation? His family is Jewish, so perhaps he is secretly trying to do “damage control” and not truly interested in exposing or stopping the pedophilia. Have you heard of Frank Serpico? He became famous when his biography was published, which described his attempt to expose corruption in the New York City Police Department. That part of his life was made into the movie, Serpico, and his role was played by Al Pacino. His attempt to expose corruption gave him a reputation of being one of the few honest policemen, and he may have been honest at that time in his life. However, on 20 August 2011, he was a guest on the Alex Jones radio show, and that is a sign that he is now working for the Jewish crime network! It is very important that you realize that the Jewish crime network is gigantic, and one of their most successful tricks is the “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” trick. The Jews, their criminal associates, and their blackmailed puppets become 9/11 investigators, policemen, Muslims, Catholics, Holocaust revisionists, etc. They are trying to fool us into trusting them so that they can mingle among us, observe us, figure out what we know about them, and identify which of us are actively fighting them. You have to control your arrogance so that you don’t boast about what you do and what you know, and you have to be very careful about trusting people. We cannot even trust our “honest” policemen!” BRON

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